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Soccer House

2159 Maffitt Lake Rd, West Des Moines, IA 50265


The Soccer House is located south of Highway Five (the bypass) (exit 68 off of I-35) in between the Veterans Parkway Exit (exit 101) and the 35th Street/Walnut Woods Exit (exit 102) near the

intersection of Interstate 35 & Highway 5

Head South after exiting Highway 5.

Both exits will intersect with Maffitt Lake Road, a road which runs parallel to Highway Five. 

Travel west if you exited Veterans Parkway or east if you exited the 35th Street/Walnut Woods Exit.


The Soccer House can be seen North of Maffitt Lake Road, a two story white column house with a large cell phone tower north of the building You will need to turn onto the side road, 22nd street, to access our driveway.

Please call 515.661.1881   with questions