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Frequently Asked Questions

If unable to find your answer please email us at or call 515.661.1881
League Registration Questions:

 What are the dates of your leagues?

We host three sessions throughout the Winter beginning November 9th, 2018 and concluding March 31st, 2019. Each session requires a separate registration and consists of six games scheduled at similar times each week.

 hat are the dates of these sessions?

November Session: November 9th - December 23rd
January Session: January 4th - March 13th
Mid February Session: February 15th - March 31s

 Do you take schedule requests?

Yes, whether it be a preferred day of the week i.e. Saturdays rather than Friday nights for a High School team or Sundays rather than Saturdays for a U12 or U14 Team, I can schedule accordingly. 
If a certain time of the day works best for your team, I can schedule accordingly. There will be an option when registering online for schedule requests
If you know your team will be unavailable a week or weeks during a session. I can schedule doubleheaders for a different week.

 What day and time will my _____ team play?

The games will be scheduled one game per week, here are the probable game days and times for each age division?
10 & Under: Saturdays 8am - noon
12 & Under: Saturdays noon - 5pm, Sunday mornings if needed or requested
14 & Under: Saturdays 5pm - 8m, Sunday mornings if needed or requested
High School: Fridays 6pm - 10pm, Saturdays 8pm - 10pm if requested
Monday Adult Coed: Mondays 6:30pm - 8pm
Wednesday Adult: Wednesdays 6:30pm - 8:15pm
Sunday Adult: Division Three (Beginner): Sundays 11:30am - 2pm
                       Division Two (Intermediate): Sundays 2pm - 5pm
                       Division One (Advanced) Sundays 5pm - 8pm

 Are there spots available for my team?

Yes there are spots available, if you see the schedule for the session you are wanting to register for is posted, please call 515.661.1881 to register.

 What is the cost per session?

The cost is $500 per session

 What does the cost include?

The cost is for six games scheduled one game per week at a similar time each week. The cost of referee’s is built into the cost, there is no extra fee for referees.

 Do you have teams available to join, if interested in signing up as an individual?

Yes, we use the term ‘free agents’ to describe these individual players. 
Please register as a free agent and you will be placed on a team in your appropriate age division. We have House teams, comprised of free agents in our 10 & Under age division and our High School Age Division, with these teams we practice twice per session and play six games scheduled one game per week.

Gameplay Questions:

 How is indoor soccer different than outdoor soccer?

Indoor soccer tends to be played at a much faster pace with less down time. Substitutes are ‘on the fly’ as in hockey and the gameplay is rarely stopped since the field is walled to keep the ball in play.

 What is the maximum number of players allowed per team?

There is no maximum number of players, most teams have 10-12 players per team. This number allows for ample playing time.

 How many players are on the field?

It varies for each age division, here is the breakdown:
10 & Under: 6 field players plus 1 goalkeeper
12 & Under: 5 field players plus 1 goalkeeper
14 & Under: 5 field players plus 1 goalkeeper
High School: 5 field players plus 1 goalkeeper
Monday Coed: 5 field players plus 1 goalkeeper (3 Women minimum on the field or as  goalkeeper)
Wednesday Adult: 4 field players plus 1 goalkeeper
Sunday Adult, all divisions: 4 field players plus 1 goalkeeper

 Does my team need uniforms?

No, your team does not need uniforms. However, we request similar color shirt/jerseys for each team and an alternate color if the two team’s colors are a match.

 Does my team need numbers on the backs of their shirt/jerseys?


 How many teams are registered in ___ age division?

In years past and what we expect this year:
10U - 14 teams, 12U - 18 teams, 14U - 14 teams, High School - 18 teams
Monday Coed - 6 teams, Wednesday Adult - 8 teams, Sunday Adult - 24 teams

 Will my team be playing different teams each week?

Yes, your team may play one team twice if for instance there are only six teams who register for our beginner skill level 10 & Under league (you will select from a drop down menu when registering online which skill division of advanced, intermediate or beginner you wish for your team to play in) This allows for games to be as competitive and evenly matched as possible?

 Are there methods you use at the Soccer House to ensure close and competitive games?

Yes, teams select which skill division they want to play against and we have a competitive balance rule in place to keep the games close. The competitive balance rule states that if a team were to fall behind by seven goals then the team trailing can add a player onto the field. 

 My team is new to the indoor game and may need extra training, do you provide training?

If you have registered a team and would like to expose your players to the game before the league begins please call or email and mention reading this in the FAQ’s section and you can receive one free one hour rental.
The field will be yours to use freely, if you want Soccer House staff to help with the practice, we can host a training session for a fee.

Facility Questions:

 What is your address?

Our address is:
2159 Maffitt Lake Road
West Des Moines, IA 50265

 Is there an entrance fee? Parking fee?

No, no

 Do you have a concession stand?

Yes, we have for sale multiple beverage options including coffee, gatorade, sodas, bottled water and multiple snack options including popcorn, candy and healthier snack options

 Does your concession stand accept credit cards?


  What is the Soccer House‚Äôs Contact Information

Our email is
Our phone number is 515.661.1881